This week in Parliament (October first Sitting Week)

Date : 14-10-2014



09th October

The Second Reading debate was held on Municipal Councils (Amendment) Bill, Urban Councils (Amendment) Bill, Pradeshiya Sabha (Amendment) Bill, Local Authorities Elections (Amendment) Bill and Local Authorities Filling of Vacancies (Special Provisions) (Amendment) Bill.  The Bills were presented to Parliament by the Minister of Local Government and Provincial Councils on the 19th of August. They were published in the Gazette of the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka on the 04th of August 2014.


By the Local Authorities Elections (Amendment) Act No. 22 of 2012, new provisions were made to the relevant original Acts. Accordingly, if a budget or supplementary budget is rejected by a Local Authority twice, then the head of that Local Authority was considered as resigned.


By the current Bills, that provision would be revoked. The legal effect is that even a budget or supplementary budget is rejected on two occasions; still the head of that local government authority could function as usual.  Or in other words, it would be reverted to the previous method.


10th October

A full-day Opposition Adjournment Motion on Divineguma (formally Samurdhi) was debated.



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