Speaker decides to allocate additional time for debate on CA Steering Committee Interim Report

Date : 02-11-2017

Although the three days of October 30th, 31st and November 01st were previously assigned for the discussion of the Interim Report of the Steering Committee which has been presented including all the representations of each party, the Hon. Speaker has decided to allocate further time due to the large demand of every party to take part in the debate. Accordingly, today and the 08th of November of next week, which is a day before the Budget commences, has been allocated for that purpose.


There is a keen interest among Members of all political parties to express their views during this debate, and a number of MPs have requested the Speaker that a sufficient time be allocated to them for this purpose.


The Speaker appreciated this interest shown by all Members of Parliament, while pointing out that it was a fulfilment of one’s duty as a peoples’ representative to actively participate and voice an opinion in favour or against a very important matter related to the country. He assured that he will safeguard everyone’s right to speak in Parliament and to provide necessary time.



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