Functions pertaining to Standing Committees & Select Committees


When a Bill or a proposed Statute of a Provincial Council is referred to a Standing Committee, in terms of Standing Order 52 or 46A.(3)(a) or a Private Member's Bill under Standing Order 48, in addition to the permanent Members, fifteen other Members are nominated by the Speaker, and the Bills Office has to call for names of eight Members from the Government and names of seven Members from the Opposition and cause the same to be announced in Parliament.


After a date is fixed for a Committee Meeting, the Bills Office has to issue summoning letters to all Members of the Committee to attend the Meeting and requesting them to hand over any amendments proposed to the Bill in advance. In addition to the Members of the Committee, the Attorney-General, Legal Draftsman and other officials of the relevant Ministries are also invited to the Committee.


After the Bill is considered in the Standing Committee in terms of Standing Orders 116, 117, 118, 119 and 120 or in the Select Committee in terms of Standing Orders 94 to 103, the Bills Office has to prepare a Committee Report indicating the amendments proposed and agreed to in the Committee together with the Minutes of the Committee and compare in all three languages and cause it to be printed and tabled in Parliament in terms of Standing Orders 63, 64 and 65.

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Last Updated on 08-02-2013

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