Consultative Committees

The Committee of Selection shall at the commencement of every Session of Parliament and from time to time as necessity may arise appoint a number of Consultative Committees corresponding to the number of Ministries of the Cabinet.

The Chairman of a Consultative Committee shall be the Minister in charge of the subjects and functions which the Committee has been empowered to consider.

Provided that in the case of the Ministries which are in charge of the President, the Deputy Minister of those Ministries shall be the Chairman of such Consultative Committees.

The Committee of Selection may, from time to time in the case of death, resignation or vacation of membership of a member of a Consultative Committee, appoint another member to take the place of such member on Consultative Committee, However, the Committee of Selection reserves to itself the right to discharge any member of any Consultative Committee when the Committee deems it necessary and appoint another in his place. Every appointment under this Order shall be announced to Parliament at its next meeting.

Standing Orders specify that any member who absents himself from three consecutive meetings of the Committee without having obtained the prior leave of such Committee on application under his signature, shall be deemed to have vacated his membership of such consultative Committee and shall not be re-appointed to such Committee during the same Session unless agreed to by the Committee of Selection.

Provided that the preceding provisions shall not apply where any meeting of such Committee is held on a day falling within the period during which such member has, with the leave of Parliament first obtained, absented himself from sittings of Parliament.

Each Consultative Committee shall, as far as possible reflect the party composition in Parliament. The Committee of Selection shall consult the wishes of the members in making appointments to the Consultative Committees and shall, as far as possible, accommodate those wishes of the members.

Any member of Parliament may attend the meetings of a Consultative Committee of which he is not a member at the request of the Chairman of the Committee and shall withdraw when requested by the Chairman.

The duty of a Consultative Committee shall be to inquire into and report upon such matters as are referred to it by the Chairman or by Parliament, including any Bill proposals for legislation, supplementary or other estimates, statements of expenditure, motions, annual reports or papers.

A Consultative Committee has the power to initiate through the Chairman any Bill or motion.

Each Consultative Committee shall meet whenever summoned by the Chairman. It is the duty of every Secretary to the Ministry to ensure in consultation with the Chairman and Secretary General of Parliament that meetings are summoned by the Chairman at least once a month and a meaningful programme of work arranged.

Provided that a meeting shall be summoned as soon as possible upon the written request of at least three members of such Consultative Committee.

The Secretary – General or any officer of Parliament nominated by him shall be the Secretary to every such Committee. He shall be provided with such other staff, facilities and resources as may be necessary to carry out his duties and functions.

The Report from the Consultative Committee on matters referred to it by Parliament shall be presented to Parliament by the Chairman within three months of such reference, and if considered necessary, Parliament may propose the further consideration of any particular items. A reservation by any member of a Committee may be added to the Report.

Provided that matters referred to a Consultative Committee shall not be taken up for consideration by Parliament until the Report of the Consultative Committee on those matters is presented to Parliament.

Each Consultative Committee shall have the power to send for and examine persons, papers and records, to move from place to place and to do all such acts as are necessary for the fullest consideration of the matters referred to it and to meet notwithstanding any adjournment of Parliament.

Three members of a Consultative Committee shall be the quorum and it shall be the duty of the Chairman of such Consultative Committee, not to function without the required quorum.

Sub Committees

Each Consultative Committee may when it considers necessary appoint sub committees of its own members to examine and report to such Consultative Committee on such matters within a period to be specified by the Consultative Committee, as such Consultative Committee may direct and such Consultative Committee may when it considers necessary authorize any such sub committee for the performance of its duties to summon before it and question any person and call for and examine any paper, record or document and move from place to place for the fullest consideration of the matters referred to it and to meet notwithstanding any adjournment of Parliament.

Each sub committee shall consist of a Chairman and two other members nominated by the consultative Committee. Two members including the Chairman of such sub committee shall form the quorum.

A member functioning as Chairman of one sub committee shall not function in that capacity concurrently in any other sub committee of such Consultative Committee.

All meetings of sub committees shall be held in Parliament unless the Consultative Committee decides otherwise.

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