Business of the House for September 19, 2017

Date : 19-09-2017

The Hon. Karu Jayasuriya, the Speaker took the Chair.

Announcements by the Speaker

‘A’: Determination of the Supreme Court in respect of the Bill entitled “Twentieth Amendment to the Constitution” which had been challenged in the Supreme Court in terms of Article 121(1) of the Constitution.

‘B’: Meeting of the Committee on Parliamentary Business.

Presentation of Papers

(A) Performance Reports of the

(i) Ministry of Defence for the year 2016.
(ii) Sri Lanka Navy for the year 2016.
(iii) Civil Security Department for the year 2016.
(iv) Ministry of City Planning and Water Supply for the year 2016.

(B) Regulations under Acts

(v) Order made by the Minister of Development Strategies and International Trade under Section 14 of the Sri Lanka Export Development Act, No. 40 of 1979 relating to Cess and Published in the Gazette Extraordinary No. 2030/19 of 01st August 2017.

Presentation of Reports from the Committees

The Report of the Sectoral Oversight Committee on Transport and Communication was presented by the Chairman of the Committee, the Hon. Chamal Rajapaksa, M.P.

Presentation of Petitions

(i)  The Hon. Wajira Abeywardana, M.P.
(ii) The Hon. Salinda Dissanayake, M.P.

(Petitions stood referred to the Committee on Public Petitions)

Questions under Standing Order 23(2) of the Parliament

The Hon. Douglas Devananda, M.P.

All recruitments for the Public Service be made on the basis of the Population Ratio, according to the Public Administration Circular No. 15/1990.

Ministerial Statements

(i) The Prime Minister and Minister of National Policies and Economic Affairs, Hon. Ranil Wickremesinghe, on Local Government Elections.

(ii) The Hon. Niroshan Perera, State Minister of National Policies and Economic Affairs replied to the above question raised by the Hon. Douglas Devananda, M.P.

Personal Explanations

The Hon. Arundika Fernando, M.P.

Presentation of Bills

(i) The Hon. Leader of the House of Parliament on behalf of the Prime Minister and Minister of National Policies and Economic Affairs presented the Bill entitled;

“Provincial Councils Elections (Amendment)”

to amend the Provincials Councils Elections Act, No. 2 of 1988.

(ii) The Minister of Foreign Employment and Minister of Justice presented the Bill entitled;

“Judicature (Amendment)”

to amend the Judicature Act, No. 2 of 1978.

Private Members’ Bills

The Hon. Seyed Ali Zahir Moulana, M.P., was granted leave to introduce the following Bill, entitled

“Bill to amend the Rifai Thareeq Association of Sri Lanka (Incorporation) Law, No. 29 of 1976.”

The above Bill was referred to the Minister of Post, Postal Services and Muslim Religious Affairs for report to Parliament under Standing Order 47(5) of the Parliament.

Public Business of the House

Bill entitled “Motor Traffic (Amendment) Bill” appearing as item No. *1 of today’s Order Paper was passed by the Parliament with amendments.


Motion at the Adjournment Time of the House

A Motion at the Adjournment Time on “Establishment of Kilinochchi Urban Council, Kandavalai Pradeshiya Sabha and Karachchi Pradeshiya Sabha”, was proposed by the Hon. S. Shritharan, M.P.

The Parliament was, adjourned at 1836 Hrs. until 0930 Hrs. on Wednesday, the 20th of September, 2017.




*  This is an unedited version. For the official record of this day's proceedings, please refer the Hansard.


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