Business of the House for August 10, 2017

Date : 10-08-2017

The Hon. Karu Jayasuriya, the Speaker took the Chair.

Announcements by the Speaker

‘A’ :  Meeting of the Committee on Parliamentary Business

Presentation of Papers by the Speaker

• The Sixth Instalment – Parts XI, XII, XIII, XX and XXI of the Report of the Auditor–General for the Financial Year 2014; and
• The First Instalment – Parts VII, VIII and IX, Fifth Instalment – Parts III and IV, Eighth Instalment – Part II of the Report of the Auditor–General for the Financial Year 2015

in terms of Article 154(6) of the Constitution of the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka.

Parliament granted approval to print the Reports.

Presentation of Papers

(i) Performance Report of the Department of Fiscal Policy for the year 2016

Annual Reports of the;

(ii) Eastern University, Sri Lanka for the year 2013
(iii) Open University of Sri Lanka for the year 2014
(iv) South Eastern University of Sri Lanka for the year 2014
(v) University of Jaffna for the year 2014
(vi) Uva Wellassa University for the year 2014

(vii) Concession Agreement for the Port of Hambantota

Presentation of Reports from the Committees

(i) The Report of the Sectoral Oversight Committee on Transport and Communication was presented by its Chairman, the Hon. Chamal Rajapaksa.

(ii) The Report of the Sectoral Oversight Committee on Manufacturing and Services was presented by the Hon. Sandith Samarasinghe, member of the Committee on behalf of the Chairman of the Committee, the Hon. Nalin Bandara Jayamaha.

Presentation of Petitions

(i) Hon. Wasantha Aluwihare
(ii) Hon.  Lucky Jayawardana         -       Two Petitions

(Petitions stands referred to the Committee on Public Petitions)

Questions under Standing Order 23(2) of the Parliament

(i) The Hon. Dinesh Gunawardena

Curtailing of Samurdhi benefits for low income families by the Government

(ii) The Hon. Anura Dissanayaka

Problems faced by the pepper cultivators due to drop in pepper price in the market

Hon. Daya Gamage, Minister of Primary Industries replied to the above Question.

Adjournment Motion

Adjournment Motion on “Annual Report of the Central Bank of Sri Lanka (2016)” was proposed by the Hon. Bandula Gunawardana.

The Parliament was, thereafter adjourned at 1830 Hrs. until 1030 Hrs. on Friday 11th August 2017.




*  This is an unedited version. For the official record of this day's proceedings, please refer the Hansard.


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