Business of the House for July 05, 2017

Date : 05-07-2017

The Hon. Karu Jayasuriya, the Speaker took the Chair.

Presentation of Papers

(i) Report on Financial Performance of the First Quarter of 2017 (Summary of the Total)

Annual Reports of the;

(ii) Insurance Board of Sri Lanka for the year 2015
(iii) State Pharmaceuticals Corporation of Sri Lanka for the year 2014
(iv) Sugathadasa National Sports Complex Authority for the year 2013

Annual Performance Reports of the;

(v) Department of Manpower and Employment for the year 2014
(vi) District Secretariat - Ratnapura for the year 2016
(vii) District Secretariat - Matara for the year 2016
(viii) District Secretariat - Anuradhapura for the year 2016
(ix) Department of Public Trustee for the year 2016

Questions asked from the Prime Minister

Four Questions were asked by following Members of Parliament:-

(i) The Hon. S. M. Marikkar
(ii) The Hon. Padma Udhayashantha Gunasekera
(iii) The Hon. (Dr.) Nalinda Jayathissa
(iv) The Hon. Bimal Rathnayake

Questions under Standing Order 23(2) of the Parliament

The Hon. Douglas Devananda

The problems faced by the people living in Northern Province due to mixing of ground water with sea-water

Presentation of Bills

The Hon. Gayantha Karunatileka, Minister of Lands and Parliamentary Reforms and the Chief Government Whip presented the following Bills-

(i) “Inland Revenue” - to provide for the imposition of Income Tax for any year of assessment commencing on or after April 1, 2017.

(ii) “Ceylon German Technical Training Institute” - to provide for the establishment of the Ceylon German Technical Training Institute; to specify the powers, duties and functions of the Institute; and for matters connected therewith or incidental thereto.

Main Business of the House for Today

Resolution for the Revision of Salary and Allowances of the Director General of the Commission to Investigate Allegations of Bribery or Corruption

was passed by the House.

Motion at the Adjournment Time

Motion at the Adjournment Time on “Severe environmental and social problems arisen in several areas including Badulla district” was proposed by the Hon. Sandith Samarasinghe.

The Parliament was, thereafter adjourned at 1918 Hrs. until 1030 Hrs. on Thursday 6th July 2017.




*  This is an unedited version. For the official record of this day's proceedings, please refer the Hansard.


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