Hon. Bandula Gunawardana,— To ask the Minister of Industry and Commerce,—

(a) Will he inform this House—

(i) whether rack space in the private sector super markets were given at a reasonable rate as per proposal No. 126 of the Budget 2016 in order to promote sales of small and medium scale entrepreneurs;

(ii) whether a request was made by a Ministry to make such rack space available from the super markets of the private sector;

(iii) if such a request or order was made, will he present a copy of it; and

(iv) whether he will present a list of number of super markets of the private sector in Sri Lanka which are liable to pay taxes and the cities/villages in which they are situated?

(b) If not, why?


: Industry and Commerce
: Hon. Bandula Gunawardana
: United People's Freedom Alliance(UPFA)
Requested for 1 weeks time on 2017-03-09
Requested for 1 weeks time on 2017-05-03

(a)         (i)       On the instruction of my Ministry, National Enterprise Development Authority made request to Cargills, Keells, Arpico and Sathosa Supermarkets to provide rack space in their supermarkets to micro, small and medium entrepreneurs at concessionary rates to market their products. Instead of providing shelf space to them, they agreed to market their products in the supermarkets. NEDA officials arranged meetings with supermarket officials and prospective micro, small and medium entrepreneurs at regional level to carry out this project. However, it was found that only a few products had standard packaging acceptable for sale in the supermarkets. NEDA is now taking measures to educate the entrepreneurs how to improve the packaging of products acceptable for sale in the supermarkets.

(ii) Does not arise in view of the answer to (i) above.

(iii) I am tabling* the copies of the letters sent by NEDA to Keells, Arpico and Sathosa Supermarkets.

(iv) This subject matter does not come under the purview of my Ministry.

Does not arise.

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