Question Asked By Hon. Nalinda Jayathissa


Hon. (Dr.) Nalinda Jayathissa,— To ask the Minister of Public Enterprise Development,—

(a) Will he inform this House —

(i) of the date on which Canwill Holdings (Pvt.) Ltd., was founded;

(ii) the names of the shareholders of the aforesaid company;

(iii) the amount of money invested by each shareholder mentioned above at the beginning of the aforesaid company;

(iv) the names of the members of the founding Board of Directors of the aforesaid company;  and

(v) of the salaries and allowances received by the founding Board of Directors?

(b) Will he also inform this House —

(i) whether companies which are affiliated to the company mentioned in above (a)(i) have been founded;

(ii) if so, of the names of the Board of Directors of such affiliated companies; and

(iii) of the salaries and allowances paid to such persons?

(c) If not, why?


: Public Enterprise and Kandy Development
: Hon. Nalinda Jayathissa
: Janatha Vimukthi Peramuna (JVP)
Requested for 1 months time on 2017-02-08

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